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Charles Barton's Belizeable - 19:17

From Charles:

I have been tying stuff onto hooks for a long time. It began with poppers and jig heads, which served the fishing I was taught to do by my father. By the age of twelve I was approaching burn out from fishing the warm water mud pit impoundments of central Arkansas. Dear ol` Dad saved me, though, when he took me on a float trip on the White River in northern Arkansas. It has taken all the years since to get enough fur and feather into my bloodstream to achieve the level of addiction I now have for fly fishing, and tying. I justify my habit by tying at conclaves and other events, from coast to coast. I am proud to be a Proteam member for Whiting Farms and on the Pro Staff for Daiichi. It is always good to use the best. I own and operate Tanfly, LLC from my home in Little Rock.
Have fun and tie one on for me!

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  • Hook: Daiichi 2143, size 1(red straight bend back eye salmon hook)
  • Thread: Clear Mono
  • Tag: Holographic Tinsel wound deeply onto the bend and back
  • Body: Three separate Whiting Farms spey hackles, wound on from the tag forward. Colors can vary but the last feather (the veil) should always dark to produce a dark silhouette.
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